Monday, August 28, 2006

Drawing Room 3

The runaway success of Drawing Room and its follow up show, Drawing Room II, curated by Lucinda Mudge and Francesco Nassimbeni in 2005, has led to a third incarnation of this popular art show.

Drawing Room 3 runs from 1 - 30 September 2006, featuring Cape Town illustrators, Jesse Breytenbach, Jacqui Stecher, Francesco Nassimbeni, Heath Nash, Willeen le Roux and Heather Moore.

Come to the opening at 5:30 on 1 September at What if the World... gallery, 11 Hope Street, Gardens. Contact What if the World... at (021) 461 2573 , or visit their website for more information.

Viewing work
To see each illustrators' work on show, click on their name listed on the right.

Heather Moore

Left: Dandelion I Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm
Centre: Dandelion II Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm
Right: Dandelion III Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm

Left: Restios I Wood tints and oils on Canadian beech 400 x 240mm

Right: Mycelia Wood tints and oils on Canadian beech 400 x 240mm

Left: Orla Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm

Centre: Pincushion Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm

Right: Inflorescence Acrylics on Meranti 150 x 230mm

Above: Dandelions Acrylics on Meranti 400 x 240mm

Heather Moore is a writer and illustrator, writing comics for Strika Entertainment in the mornings, and spending time in her studio in the afternoons. She works with cut paper, vinyl, paint as well as pen and ink. She also makes a range of stitched and screenprinted cushions and t-shirts, under the label Skinny laMinx.

082 7799401

heapau [at] iafrica [dot] com

Jesse Breytenbach

pen and ink
190 x 280mm

pen and ink
185 x 230mm

Running with scissors
pen and ink
190 x 280mm

Gold Leaf I
Silkscreen (edition of 15)
260 x 360mm

Gold Leaf II
Silkscreen (edition of 15)
260 x 360mm

Jesse Breytenbach is a freelance illustrator from Cape Town. She is currently working on a graphic novel, to be published by Oshun Books.

082 994 6536
Jesse [at] tiscali [dot] co [dot] za

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Francesco Nassimbeni

markers on paper

Chart of some colours
markers on paper

The lesser marmil fendl
markers on paper

Unknown animal object symbol
Markers on paper

Bird with man attached
Markers on paper

Francesco Nassimbeni is an illustration and performance person.

084 6790616
francesconassimbeni [at] gmail [dot] com

Willeen le Roux

I see you
Silkscreen (edition of 15)
594 x 420 mm

Digital print (edition of 15)
420 x 297mm

Willeen le Roux is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She regularly contribute s illustrations to Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines. She has a t-shirt range sold under the 'whoa nelly' label.

082 7770687
willeen [at] gmail [dot] com

Jacqui Stecher

The Count
Silkscreen (edition of 30)
400 x 400mm

Jacqui Stecher is a freelance designer from Cape Town.

083 4151541
jstecher [at] mweb [dot] co [dot] za

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Michael Taylor

The things that happen to other people!
Gouache on board
300 x 600mm

I don’t suppose you…
Gouache on board
300 x 600mm

Oh thank god it’s still there
Colour pencil on paper
210 x 125mm

Michael Taylor is an illustrator-designer-artist.

mt [at] michaeltaylor [dot] co [dot] za

Monday, July 31, 2006

Heath Nash

Untitled Mixed media

My chakras on black Mixed media

My chakras on cork Mixed media

Got the t-shirt Mixed media

Earthed Mixed media

Colour Wheel Mixed media

Each work above is separate:
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Mixed media

Bulb on Japan paper mixed media

Flash t-shirt one mixed media

Heath Nash is an artist and product designer. He is the 2006 recipient of the Elle Decoration Designer of the Year award in South Africa, and a finalist in the British Council creative entrepreneur of SA award.

082 4036958